Short biography

George is a Lithuanian born on a farm in Bildeniai. His maternal uncle was an eminent conductor and Master of the Tsar's Music. His early years with his family were spent as refugees. After the war the family settled in Oldenburg, West Germany, where George studied at the State Theatre and at the Music School (piano/accordion).

While still in his teens and without speaking any English, he emigrated to Australia. There he worked as a lumberjack, door-to-door salesman, demonstrated DIY tools at Trade Shows, worked as a cowboy on a Queensland cattle ranch... Eventually he settled in Sydney and while studying (by correspondence) for his degree, he worked with the Independent Theatre in Sydney.

While performing in "Darkness at Noon ", he was spotted by the Old Vic Company and invited to join the Australian Shakespearean tour starring Katherine Hepburn and Robert Helpman.

Soon after George came to London and during his first two years, he appeared in five J.Arthur Rank film productions. (see film list)