" ...and it is left to a supporting player to create a sudden impact of complete reality in the role of a sadistic young German officer on the hideous task of extorting information from the prisoners - Mr George Mikell." (LONDON-THE TIMES)

ALTONA (Theatre)

"New star for the Citizen's in their return to drama season in George Mikell, whom filmgoers saw in 'The Guns of Navarone' as the Nazi Interrogating Officer. He is a Nazi again in Jean Paul Sartre's play, 'Altona', and acts with intensity and tempestuous activity. His performance, for excitable speech and fervid action is far away from what we get in our theatres. Such physical exuberance in astounding." (SCOTTISH DAILY EXPRESS)

"In this part George Mikell has the real command of the play...He is a spokesman of frightening eloquence.....strikes home with fearful precision." (GLASGOW HERALD)


"...George Mikell as the German tutor was excellent...Mikell is magnificantly expressive and technically flawless...George brings sincerity from within himself."

FLARE PATH (Theatre)

"George Mikell really gets under the skin of the part and creates a character with real depth"